Manx Honey Roast Ham


200 grams

Manx Honey Roast Ham refers to a specific type of honey-glazed ham that is produced on the Isle of Man. It is a popular variation of roast ham that incorporates the addition of honey to enhance the flavour and provide a sweet and sticky glaze. The process of making Manx Honey Roast Ham typically involves selecting a high-quality ham joint, often sourced from pork leg or shoulder. The ham is first cooked by roasting or boiling until it reaches the desired level of tenderness and is fully cooked. Once the ham is cooked, a glaze is prepared using honey as the main ingredient. The glaze caramelizes and creates a sweet and sticky coating on the ham, enhancing its flavour and giving it an attractive appearance. The honey glaze adds a touch of sweetness and balances the savoury taste of the ham.

Manx Honey Roast Ham can be served both hot or cold, depending on personal preference. It is often enjoyed as part of a festive meal, such as a holiday dinner or Sunday roast. The ham can be sliced and served as the main protein alongside side dishes like roasted vegetables, potatoes, or salads.


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